Product rendering

For you, the client, working digitally has it’s disadvantages. there’s no tangible product to hold – nothing to get your hands on until you’ve committed to production.

It’s something we spend a lot of time trying to mitigate. As suppliers of a digital product that is destined for 3D, we need you to feel ‘connected’ to our work.

We need you to be able to visualise the final product – especially as bas-relief relies so much on light to create its sense of depth and form.


Read on below…

Click the image below for an example of our interactive WebGL pre-production renders.

Click the image to open an interactive rendering of the coin. Once the page has loaded, click and drag the model to move it in real time. Click the ‘?’ on the right side of the image for detailed instructions.

In reality, the only way to appreciate bas-relief, is to move it around, and let it catch the light. Our interactive renders allow clients to do just that, from right within their web browser. No software needed (just an up to date browser).

We find that using this method for approval purposes irons out a lot of issues, as it’s hard to capture a bas-relief at its best in a single shot.

Of course, we provide those too – either for product files, or for advertising.

Even now, we see commemorative coins advertised using original drawings, which doesn’t show the uniqueness of the product.

We can do better than that for you. Our photo renders are incredibly lifelike and accurate, and iterations are simple Рwant rose gold or platinum products for your online shop? It takes minutes to change the properties of the image.

Our interactive renders can also be supplied as web-ready files or shortcodes – easy to embed into your website.