Our terms and conditions

Here’s a few things we think you should know.

It’s not an exhaustive list, but its the things that we get asked quite a lot.

1. We see the design process as collaborative and organic, so try our hardest to keep revisions and development inside our quoted costs.

 Generally, we find that two revision cycles during the design process, and one revision cycle during the modelling process provide the right balance between getting the job right, and keeping things on track.

We know that things don’t always go that smoothly, and we try to be flexible, but we reserve the right to levy further charges in certain circumstances, including (but not limited to):

a) Alteration of design concept after the modelling process has commenced.
b) Repetitive backtracking and tweaking beyond the reasonable production limitations of the product.
c) Frequent development requests that stray outside the original brief.

We do, of course, try to avoid these situations, as they cause problems for everyone, and we always advise our clients in advance if we think that a project is suffering from ‘mission creep’.

2. From March 2017, all the client work we produce is managed via a dedicated client area on the Maverick Numismatics website. Clients can only be registered with site by the administrator, and will only have access to their own projects, unless a client specifically requests that a 3rd party be granted access.

Work created prior to March 2017, that was held on the GrabCAD platform, has been archived, and removed from the project dashboards.

The Maverick Numismatics website employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, meaning that all information passing between a user and the site is encrypted.

3. Work (both 2D and 3D) placed on the MN website, is available for clients at any time (excluding outages and server downtime) Occasionally, at our discretion, downloading of files may only be made available upon final approval and settlement of invoices.

We do this to protect our IP, but we also understand the commercial nature of our clients’ business. If time is a critical issue, please talk to us.

 We work completely digitally, and create no physical product, so approval of 3D models is provided via an interactive render, which allows the client to move and rotate the model on screen, in real time

We set no time limit on the storage of project files, but we do regularly clear our servers to free up space.

We won’t delete any project files for a minimum of 6 months from final approval, and we’ll always let you know before we do this. If you want to keep the files on storage, that’s fine. Just let us know.

You can also request deletion of any of your project files at any time. In those cases, we’ll send you a signed confirmation that we’ve deleted all copies of your work.

We store files because we find that clients often come back and want work re-adapted, or altered for future projects. Sometimes, it’s just that a 3rd party client changes their mind further down the line, so keeping things on file makes sense. However:

Storage of files is not offered as part of the project service, and we can’t take responsibility for lost data for any reasons. Once projects have been approved, and files have been made available to download, we recommend that you download them straight away, and arrange for their storage locally. You can download files as many times as you like while they’re available, and we recommend burning a copy to disk as a backup.

We take information security very seriously, and whilst we take every reasonable precaution to protect your data and ours, we are not a dedicated information security company.

Your client login password is the strongest barrier to unauthorised access of your data.

We recommend that clients choose complex and unique passwords, and inform us of any issues that they think might compromise the integrity of their login, and by extension, our website.

 4. Once a project is complete, and the invoice is paid in full, we assign all IP and copyright for the relevant design (2D and 3D) over to the client, except:

a) In the case of any creative concepts that form part of the project development, but don’t get used in the final product, we reserve the right to draw on generic design elements in future designs, insofar as they do not draw direct reference to our client, or to the project from which they originated, and were not the outcome of direct collaboration within the project (eg. Common fonts, flora, fauna etc)

b) It’s never come to this, but we reserve our residual rights for any work that we create. What we mean by this is that we reserve the right to take action if a client uses our work in a way that is illegal, promotes intolerance or hatred, or may otherwise cause harm to our reputation and our commercial viability.

This also means that, whilst transfer of ownership of creative work to our clients permits them to adapt, alter and re-use it in any way they deem fit, we reserve the right to veto our public association to the work if we feel that subsequent usage or amendment might negatively impact on our reputation or commercial viability.

c) Transfer of IP does not include license to our processes for 2D and 3D origination in any form. Clients are provided with print resolution images for 2D design, and CNC/Laser ready for 3D sculptures. These can be in a number of formats on request, such as .JPG, .TIFF, .OBJ, .STL etc, and we can work with your production partner to find the right format.

However, all file formats supplied are ‘baked’ – i.e. they are not layered and are not client editable. We retain ownership of the source files, as they contain information on our processes.

 We apply this across 2D and 3D, but it is most relevant for 3D modelling, as that’s where our unique processes lie.

If owning the source files is something you want to discuss, give us a call.