Generic 3D rendering of Christopher Reeve ZBrush sculpture

Modo Non-photorealistic render kit

I’ve been playing with Modo’s non-realistic render kit, partly for fun, but also with an eye towards moving from 2D concept sketches to 3D ones.

It’s becoming so quick to map out bas-relief in ZBrush now, that preliminary sketches actually take longer than the final model, so I’m wondering whether I can bypass that stage, sculpt up my ideas, and render them as sketches.

It’s working quite nicely with full 3D, but it’s struggling to render out with the ultra low relief stuff that makes up the bulk of my work.

In the meantime, here’s some tests with Christopher Reeve…

Modo NPR kit original render
Modo NPR kit Sketch
Modo NPR kit Sketch v2
Modo NPR kit Halftone
Modo NPR kit X Toon