Bespoke sculpture commissions

Bas-relief sculpture provides a truly unique and personal way to commemorative, or celebrate, important events and people.

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Time lapse of a sculpture created as a family memorial.


We create bespoke work outside of our currency design, and we do so for many different reasons, not just for commercial products.

Whatever your reasons for coming to us, your project will be given the same discretion and professionalism as we would for the most sensitive national currency work we produce.

Alan Rickman
Click the image to open an interactive rendering of Alan Rickman’s portrait. Once the page has loaded, click and drag the model to move it in real time. Click the ‘?’ on the right side of the image for detailed instructions.

We understand that for memorial and personal work, the end product is only half the story.

The experience and process is just as important, especially on those occasions when it represents closure.

We will help you choose right images to create beautiful bas-relief sculptures, and all our work is sculpted by hand.

Don’t let the technology fool you. There’s no vulgar Photoshop embossing tools used here. We sculpt with the same techniques that we would use on clay or plaster.