What we do

We design and sculpt bas-relief.

Bas-relief, (or ‘low-relief), is a branch of sculpture that focusses on ‘2.5D’ images.

The most common example of bas-relief is usually found on coins and medals, but it also finds its way into jewellery and silverware, memorials, architectural mouldings, even film and video game design.

We have nearly 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of bas relief, and the core of our business is the service we provide to national and private mints, across 4 continents.

But it’s not just about coins. We’ve built our business around the principle of balancing creative skill with commercial need – making the traditional and niche craft of bas-relief as accessible as possible to a wide range of clients. In short, no matter what query or need has brought you to this site, there’s probably a way that we can help.


We work mainly for the coin and medal industry, providing creative work for circulation currency and commemorative products, but we also produce work for such diverse products as cosmetics bottles, and high end watches.

All of our work is bespoke, designed and sculpted to client brief, lead time, and budget.

We don’t manufacture anything physical. Everything you see on this site is photo rendered from our CG models. All of our work is digital, and usually heads off to be CNC, or laser engraved for final product.

However, we can also deliver work suitable for lost wax casting or 3D printing. Our process is easily scaled to fit almost any application, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility.

If you want something unique, ask. We love unique…