"An unconscious, brutal machine, of blind obedience and mathematical monotony, has been substituted for the fibre of the artist’s hand, the will of his soul.” - Edouard Lanteri
Edouard Lanteri was referring to the development of the Janvier style engraving machine...
...and look how that one turned out...
Maverick Numismatics
digital design& modelling
in ZBrushand Modo
Examples of our work

Who Are We?

We design, sculpt and render bas-relief digital models using ZBrush, Modo, and Artcam.

We're incredibly niche, but we like it that way.

We're a commercial practice, with a vision to create a profitable operation that balances creativity with fast turnaround and accessible costs. We invest a lot of time and energy to make this happen, and we believe that we offer a genuine evolution of this traditional craft.

We provide a complete service from concept, through to CNC-ready digital sculpture.
We work mainly for the coin and bullion industry, but also apply our skills in other areas, such as jewellery and memorials.

Founder Matt Bonaccorsi has nearly 20 years experience as a craftsman, designing and sculpting in low-relief, having been Chief Engraver and Head of Design at the British Royal Mint.

Matt's training at the Royal Mint co-incided with the advent of CNC maching and digital sculpting for coins, so the blend of traditional craft and modern technology has been the overarching theme of his career, and forms the cornerstone of Maverick Numismatics.

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"An unconscious, brutal machine, of blind obedience and mathematical monotony, has been substituted for the fibre of the artist’s hand, the will of his soul.”

- Edouard Lanteri, on the Janvier reducing machine - Modelling and sculpture for the artist and student, 1902

Whilst we're big advocates of the digital age, and its opportunities for creativity, we're also aware that there's a danger that digitally designed work, particularly in a craft industry, can be a bit 'sterile', and lifeless.

We create all of our designs and sculptures by hand, using digital tools to trim away process time, and thusly cost, without losing a hand crafted touch. We're closer to traditional hand modelling than we are to CAD design, and with less dust.

Tools of the trade

We sculpt with ZBrush, the industry standard for organic digital modelling.
Modo handles hard surfaces and geometric forms, and Artcam deals with scaling and provides the final file format when needed. Pre-production rendering is something we play with a lot, and we're currently big fans of Marmoset Toolbag and Keyshot.

The whole nine yards

We cover the whole product introduction process, from concept through to final model, or any individual stage along the way, and whilst we don't have a particular specialism, we do an awful lot of portraits...

Are youinterested?

We're constantly trying to figure out new ways to do things, and rejoicing in the flexibility that digital work gives us. If you've got an idea on your mind, chances are, we can find a way to make it work.
Advice and smiles are free - get in touch!

digital modelling what's the advantage?

We have a terrible habit of assuming that everyone is as geeky as we are about this stuff, so here's a breakdown of what we're all about...

Evolution and Innovation

Early CAD models for coins suffered from a clumsy, synthetic look, due to the limitations of hardware and software. It often took longer to model something digitally, than it did to make a plaster model, and fine details caused huge file sizes, and subsequently long process times.
In recent years, as hardware performance has increased, so tha scope of 3D modelling software has grown. Now it's possible to model at the small scale and fine detail required for coins, with speed and flexibility.

Parallels with other Industries

A good designer takes inspiration and finds solutions across a broad bandwidth of influences, and that's certainly true of the way we approach our work

We mainly use Zbrush and Modo to create our models.
These programs are really designed for use in the video game and movie industry, but their flexibility and 'organic' processes make them ideal for digital craft.
Modelling in low relief in these packages does present its own challenges, as they are arranged for full 3D objects, but we invest a lot of time and effort evaluating projects to identify and correct weaknesses in our processes, and following activities and innovations within the gaming and vfx industries to make us better at what we do.

Control over your Assets

One of the original criticisms of digital models in the coin industry was that the perceived 'de-specialisation' of the process made it easier to steal or copy copyrighted designs, or, in the worst case, circulating currency.

We find that now, the opposite is true. Whilst it's always a case of trying to stay one step ahead of cyber theft, the logistics and costs of storing and administering digital assets are much lower than for physical products.

We work with mints, banks and bullion companies around the world. We understand and appreciate the need for security, discretion and confidentiality, both from the point of view of IP, but also currency and bullion security.

We also appreciate the fast moving nature of the industry, and the challenge of delivering projects that are, more often than not, tied to specific dates or events.
With this in mind, we've partnered up with GrabCAD, to help administer and control our design and modelling work, and provide a 'one-stop shop' for our clients to approve work and deliver comments or revisions. We're hoping that GrabCAD will smooth out the approval process by providing more visual clarity on the design and modelling work, and also allowing remote conversations to take place transparently, outside of the sluggish medium of email.

Our Works

Let's Talk

Please get in touch to chat about how we can help you, or to request a portfolio of our work.

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